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Greetings, fellow wasters...
Hello there, and welcome to the Hell on Earth corner on
Because a lot of people asked: The Posse Shelter is for our gaming group only, and the Restricted Area is for marshal stuff concerning that group. Time scheduling for gaming sessions and such. No interesting stuff there.

2004/07/03 - Unity done
We finished the Unity adventure.

2004/02/06 - Back in the Wasted West
Just letting you know that our gamig schedule resumed to normal. Our posse visited Denver for the first time, but due to a lack of any special events (if you don't count our Grim Servant of Death dropping a backpack-sized radio from a 1,800 feet scyscraper onto a lone Black Hat patrol by accident) there are no updates for January.

2003/10/09 - Map update
In this month's update we have Minnesota.




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