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Rules Nitpicking

Grenade launchers

Flechette ammo for grenade launchers can be fired with Shooting:Shotguns. All other grenade types use the Artillery:Launchers concentration.

Raises and Damage

In addition to the modifier on the hit location chart, each raise on the attack roll grants a +1 modifier to the damage roll.
This rule does not apply to massive damage and/or area effect attacks.

Character Creation

Characters without any arcane backrounds start the game with 5 bounty points, which they may spend immediately. The Witch background provides 2 bounty points.
This only applies to characters created using the alternate character creation system

Firearms in Melee

Characters using pistols in melee can use their ShootinŽ Aptitude, but the Target Number to hit is modified by the opponent's Fightin' Aptitude, just like in melee. Backing up remains unchanged.
Characters with SMGs may use the same rule, but with a -4 modifier to attack. Rifles may not be used to shoot while in melee.


Each burst radius reduces the number of damage dice by one in addition to the die type.
All targets in the first burst radius are hit in 1d4 locations. Any targets outside the first burst radius are hit in 1 location.


If a SAM 5 is used against non-airborne targets, its sensor rating is reduced to 1d10. Replacing it with an appropriate Aptitude roll is possible with a -10 penalty.
The target may replace Drivin' with a Dodge roll, if appropriate, to avoid a direct hit but it will still end up in the first Burst Radius.


Last updated: 2003/10/13


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