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IP: - 2019/02/15 - 12:50:15 CET
Directed here from the PEG forums. Love the maps!

IP: - 2019/02/05 - 08:09:40 CET

IP: - 2019/02/05 - 08:04:02 CET
Anyone still here?

IP: - 2017/04/21 - 21:32:39 CET

Randal Flagg
IP: - 2016/01/04 - 14:53:30 CET
Just discovered your site. Very impressive. Very impressive indeed. Maps are lovely.. Come back and keep up the excellent work.

IP: - 2015/01/19 - 13:29:18 CET
Just started Deadlands again for my group, and while looking for random card generators came across this gem of a site. Love the layout, and just perusing some of the maps sends a flood of ideas.

IP: - 2014/06/04 - 23:58:54 CET
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Dian Wei
IP: - 2013/12/28 - 19:45:45 CET
Dian 'The Demon Slayer' Wei here. I found this treasure of a site. I hope the moderators are still active. (at least in gaming, but i know life takes its toll) Would be interested in talkin' with ya. We have a H.O.E. group runnin once a week. (sorry, we are full up) in the Chicago area. Been runnin' for over 15 years. It's my turn bein Marshal and just want to get as much influences as I can. Stay healthy, or hope you come back again.

IP: - 2012/12/28 - 23:46:31 CET
Fired up a Deadlands Hell On earth Classic group in West phoenix. Compiling what I can from different independent sources like this site. Love the maps, an plans to do submaps like ruins maps that come up if you click on the city?

IP: - 2012/01/07 - 16:51:46 CET
I have a Hell on Earth Reloaded game going in Philadelphia if anyone wants in!


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